new_about_usPatents are a strategic business necessity in today's global marketplace. However, working with the Patent Office requires detailed knowledge of many arcane rules and the process is fraught with pitfalls. Our Firm specializes in all phases of the preparation, filing and prosecution of US and International (PCT) patent applications, strategic patent analysis and patent enforcement.
  • Patent searches, patentability opinions and freedom-to-operate studies
  • Drafting, filing and prosecuting US and International patent applications
  • Patent avoidance and design-around strategies
  • Ex parte and inter partes patent re-examination proceedings
  • Pre-interference matters and inventorship determination
  • Provoking and avoiding interferences
  • Monitoring publication of patent applications and issued patents
  • Due diligence for acquisitions, joint development and financing deals
  • Negotiating and drafting patent licenses and other agreements
  • Auditing and management of patent portfolios to maximize value
  • Counseling, assertion and defense of patent infringement claims
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