security1The Firm provides each client with secured on-line access to the client's files through a Web-based server, including state of the art security technology. No special software is required; a Web browser is all that is necessary. All of the documents for each patent or trademark file are stored electronically in a single secure location off-site. The files are backed-up automatically and can be accessed through any computer on the Web by any person having the required access privileges. The system is extremely efficient, reliable and user-friendly.

This system allows the Firm and our clients to conveniently track all patent and trademark application documents and data, prosecution actions and response deadlines, renewals in foreign countries, foreign annuities and US maintenance fees, trademark affidavits of use, renewal dates and assignments for both U.S. and foreign cases. Notices and reminders are reported by e-mail, automatically in most cases. The system also provides the ability to generate various status reports for the convenience of our clients, as well as for assisting them in their annual IP budgeting processes.

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